• “Designed to make life a little easier when breastfeeding”

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When starting to breastfeed it is so important, for successful and pain free feeding, to get your feeding position and baby’s latch right. In order to do this, you need be able to see clearly what is going on, our Top-Pop helps you do just that!

Simple little products with a number of benefits for all breastfeeding or expressing mums, especially in those early weeks.

Introducing Top-Pop!

Early on in their breastfeeding journeys many mums find themselves either holding their tops up with their chins or stripping off layers in order to be able to do this. This device does that for you, you literally pop your top up, leaving your hands free and giving you a clear sight of your baby and boob. It means that any top or jumper becomes breastfeeding friendly, allowing you to dress a bit more like the old you.

It also acts as a reminder as to which breast you last fed on as it can be left on under your clothes. Through experience we know it’s invaluable to have a reminder!

Hands-free Muslin

Having a muslin always to hand is a real must with a baby and breastfeeding can be a damp business, so teaming the Top-Pop up with one of our adapted muslins means you’ve always got one ready. Top-Pop will hold the muslin in place should you need to cover an older baby’s head to eliminate distraction or for those instances when you just feel more comfortable covered up for modesty or warmth!

Welcome Mama!

Whether you are pregnant, have just given birth or have grown your family unit again, congratulations. A new baby is the most wonderful gift there is, but we all know it can get tough at times.


We are a new company called Breast-Friend a mother (Heb) and daughter (Erif) team whose product, Top-Pop, was born from a desire to help Erif on her breastfeeding journey as a first-time mum.