About Us

We are a new company called Breast-Friend a mother (Heb) and daughter (Erif) team whose product, Top-Pop, was born from a desire to help Erif on her breastfeeding journey as a first-time mum. It’s a simple little product with a number of benefits for all breastfeeding or expressing mums, especially in those early weeks. When starting to breastfeed it is so important to be able to see what is going on in order to get your feeding position and baby’s latch right, which is key to successful and pain free feeding for you. 

 Our product didn’t start life as a toggle, the first prototype had a popper and many of Erif’s breastfeeding friends asked where they could get one. “My mum made it” was her answer, but it got us thinking we had a really helpful product here. Discussions led us to a prototype with a button then a toggle and then onto how and what to make it from and we were both passionate about ensuring our product and brand were eco friendly… 

 Our Top-Pop is handmade in the UK from sustainable wood. The elastic is sourced for us from a factory in Austria who produce this organic cotton and natural rubber elastic as a special production run for designer makers.  

The parts are assembled by us, by hand and the glue used to secure them is eco-friendly too.

Our adapted muslins and large muslin blankets are handwoven from organic cotton and bamboo by a co-operative of women in Kerala, India. The muslins are buttonholed in the UK using organic cotton. We decided to make our attachable muslins and blankets a bit different. Using eco-friendly dye, we have chosen a colour range that offers you a choice of something other than the normal baby blues and baby pinks. We have also opted for minimal product packaging using unbleached card, eco friendly envelopes and sugar-cane bags for posting.

 We hope our product is useful and able to make things a little quicker and easier for you during your feeding journey.  

Best Wishes, Heb & Erif