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Holly, Mum to Baby Sophia
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Sophie, Mum to Bryce
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Tali, Mum to Cole
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Frances, Mum to Henry & Finn
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Leslie, Mum to Ezrah
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The Reviews

"Thank you SO much Top-Pop is amazing!! Couldn’t have come at a better time as I was outside trying to feed and lifting multiple layers and tucking them under my chin! So useful to have and really helping me to remember which side I fed on. The attachable muslins are lovely and (husband) and (son) are super thankful that I’m not shouting to them to “grab a muslin quick” as she pukes all over us both! Really wish I’d had these when I had my son too. It’s made for considerably less washing and more organised feeding from me!"


Your muslins are great quality, so lovely and soft. Much kinder on baby's delicate skin than my other ones. Perfect for runny noses and dribbles when not being used to mop up milk!


It Works!

Frances, Mum to Henry & Finn

They're really great, I've been recommending them to everyone. So simple but so nice to be able to wear my normal clothes and not strain my neck holding them under my chin.


"This is a total game-changer"

a doula

Just wanted to say your product is going to make things so much easier and more comfortable when I'm out and about. Already used it for feeding in front of my dad and when I socially distanced visiting my gran. Amazing product - thanks so much xx


(Breast-Friend's) hand dyed muslins are soooo gorgeous!


I love your products x

Adele (repeat customer)